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Classic Pembrokeshire Planning responses

  1. You can have a holiday home in rural Pembrokeshire but not a family home because there is no bus service.
  2. A business has been operating for 42 years and the ageing owners, who are in their 70’s, want to retire and allow their daughter to take it over and live in a former cottage on the site – they were told sorry but due to your ill health the business isn’t viable anymore and anyway she can go and live in the nearest village (where house prices are 3.5 times the cost of renovating the farm cottage).
  3. A caravan has on a site for 40 years but suddenly the planners don’t like it and it has to go – the caravan is owned by a 75 yr old man and the consent is personal to him so once he stops using it or passes away it has to go anyway.
  4. The fenestration in a proposed new house was deemed to be incongruous with the rest of the street – the rest of the street comprised every conceivable type of window shape, material and size that could ever be imagined.
  5. We are not going to support that application for a wind turbine because the owner wants to make money out of it.
  6. Our policy promotes affordable homes in rural areas and the open countryside (where there are no buses, schools, shops, doctors, etc, etc)
  7. ‘I don’t like that design’ – ‘Why?’ (pause for thought) – ‘Because I don’t.’
  8. ‘That (small) extension will spoil the whole character of the cottage’ – said whilst standing looking at a similar neighbouring cottage that had been extended 3 times and increased in size by 150%.
  9. Wind farm proposals submitted by larger companies appear to be profit motivated.
  10. To a developer – ‘Why should I support this proposal only to make you more money’.
  11. Planning Inspector to planner – ‘Could you point out where the Coast Path is in relation to the appeal site’ Planner straight away points to the east ( it was to the west)
  12. Objectors letter to a wind turbine ‘The noise will be even worse than his cows and tractors.’
  13. Planner at a site meeting stating how unspoilt the landscape character of the area was – behind was a view straight down the Haven Estuary (comprising Oil refineries, LNG Plant, Wind Turbines, Oil Super Tankers, enormous jetties, docks etc).
  14. Objectors letter to a Coast Path Walkers Hostel – ‘There will drunken drug and alcohol fuelled orgies every night’.

No offence is intended with respect to any persons dead or alive.

Other contributions gratefully accepted.